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Project Description

The Challenge

Our Client who is the only internet-based company in USA helping customers for end-to-end management of Architectural Review Requests, wanted to revamp its entire web application and marketing website to improve User Experience (UX), make it intuitive and easy to use, helping Homeowners, Architectural Review Committees, and Property Managers make the review process faster, easier, and safer. Built using older technology/ frameworks the application was lacking latest web standards and user friendliness making it difficult to navigate. AppYug’s challenge was to develop a web application with latest and robust web technologies that not only meet but exceed client’s expectations.

Login/Sign up Page



Architecture Request Page



Status Page for Architecture Requests




  • Develop intuitive UI (User Interface) for corporate and individual users
  • Website design should also cater to need of elderly people accessing the website with poor eyesight keeping in mind global web accessibility standards
  • Create space for advertisers to support advertising banner/ads on the website and within the application
  • Cater to the low tech population while at the same time providing a look and feel of a modern site with support for the latest online advertising banner ads and such
  • Develop mobile responsive web application keeping in mind users accessing the application from different mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • To make application it as easy as possible for homeowners to get in and out with their Architecture requests submission
  • Provide easy to access interface to display architectural requests status
  • Manager different user roles and permissions for members, property managers, auditors, and super admin and provide ability to vote on the request and update the status of the request among other new accesses and permissions
  • Generate detailed reports based on different set of filters and criteria

The Solution

AppYug developed the solution that caters to the needs of client by utilizing latest web frameworks and technologies keeping in mind easy to use user interface which is the top most requirement from client. Main features and modules are described below:

Reporting Module

Team Members
Days of Production
Lines of Code
Active Users

Tools and Technologies

Technology: Open Source PHP, Bootstrap Framework

Programming Languages: PHP, HTML 5, JavaScript

Database: MySQL

Web Server: Apache

Operating System: Linux

Project Management Tool: Basecamp

Excellent Results

Client has been successfully using the solution across USA helping customers manage end-to-end process of Architectural Review Requests in a fast, easy and efficient manner. Our application has helped the client in number of ways mentioned below:

  • Automated and simplified the process of architectural review requests online

  • Users can easily find the listings, search the neighborhood and get it involved with the web application

  • Allowed homeowners to login and submit requests for exterior changes to their property for approval by their homeowner association’s Architectural Review Board/Committee

  • Members can also log in and review the requests, dialog with the homeowner, and then vote to approve or deny the requests on the site

  • Saves time by enabling boards and review committees to make decisions faster while protecting the interests of all stakeholders involved

  • All communication and requests are logged and archived for easy retrieval and reporting

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